Thank you for visiting our web site. We are one of the longest serving companies set up to help organisations further develop and enhance themselves. We are experts in assisting Companies with their Strategic intent and implementing Best Practice with the Lean Manufacturing Tools & Techniques. We educate and develop employees to the highest standards possible and through our internal verification systems get them through their NVQ certification award. We are specialists at transforming the culture of organisations for change sustainability.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions Contact >>>

Achieving organisational direction
We assist our clients to develop a winning strategy through a range of unique methods which draws on their vast experience and market knowledge. On many occasions it is probably the first time the company has true direction and a plan for the next five years, complete with measures to identify whether it is achieving its goals. More >>>
Cut your costs and improve your profitability
If you are a manufacturer, then implementing Lean Manufacturing in your company is a vital and necessary strategy to win more customers and remain as competitive as possible. The Lean Manufacturing approach is the way forward. More >>>
Knowledge & Qualifications for shop-floor employees
Whether you choose Bi-T or PMO, you will be pleased with the results. Shop-floor staff will have more knowledge and can support the Lean Implementation. Other advantages include the sustainability of the initiative. It is quite possible we can obtain funding to cover the cost of NVQ’s. More >>>
Shifting the paradigm and working together like never before
Whatever market sector your Company is in it is people that make or break an organisation. When people are motivated and working well in their respective team, as a manager you’ll achieve great results. The benefits to building effective teams are as follows. More >>>
The NVQ award assessment centre
We not only provide the very best in education & development in Business Improvement Techniques and Performing Manufacuring Operations teaching but, now we are an approved EAL NVQ Assessment Centre. The advantages are we have our own Internal Verifier. More >>>
Staff development and qualifications
As an accredited ILM centre we are able to offer ILM qualifications in a range of subjects including Team Leader Programmes and the endorsed ‘Sensei Award’. This has proved highly successful in assisting employees implement Lean Manufacturing Tools & Techniques. More >>>
Building self-value and creativity
Coaching in the corporate setting uses the synergy of the organisation and its members to enable them to evolve their capacity for learning and renewal into achievement of extraordinary results. More >>>
The Online Training System
In this modern day, learning through the internet is increasingly becoming a favoured way of self development. Whether you or your Company purchases the specific Leadership modules you require, you will be well satisfied with our system. More >>>
Performance Management Measures
We have developed a first class Appraisal System. Whether you are a small or large business, manufacturing or service orientated, our Appraisal System will provide you with the essential appraisal process, employee information, planning requirements, development needs and a database of employee information. More >>>
Personal learning at its Best
Whether you need to understand Assertiveness so you are more confident in your self or Stress Management so that you relax; now you know how to enjoy life. Perhaps your Career needs a change, whether its CV development or interviewing skills; we can help you develop a winning CV and project a professional image at interview. More >>>
A Partnership with Private & Public Organisations
Over the years we have assisted countless businesses and organisations to excel. Whether your establishment is private or public we can help you. Vehicle manufacturers, NHS Trusts, Civil Service, Food Processors, Fabricators, Sales Organisations, Learning Centres, Colleges, Insurance Sector, Telecommunications, 1st Tier Manufacturers and General Manufacturers and Newspapers. More >>>
Self development at its best
If you are looking for a range of training programmes then look no further than our site. The courses are for everyone and are also specific to company requirements. If you are looking to understand about Lean Manufacturing, Personal Development, Operation Management, Management & Leadership, Sales Development or if you have specific needs, do contact us, we’ll be able to help you. More >>>