Roger G. Edmonds, Managing Director

The team, led by Roger Edmonds, who has held senior positions including Chairman, Chief Executive Officer in well known and respected organisations. Roger’s area of Specialism includes; Lean Manufacturing, Strategy, Management Development, Team Building, Culture Survey and Business Auditing. He has undertaken a number of Interim Management positions to help Companies implement Change Management.

Roger has educated and developed board members, senior managers and staff for over 20 years in a range of topics that have greatly improved the organisations ability to sustain growth and profitability.

He is up to date with the very latest thinking in the methods of developing employees within both manufacturing and service orientated organisations.

Roger is a fully trained Psychometric analyst, Behaviourist and NLP Practioner.

He has the capacity and skill to get the very best out of his delegates. Drawing on their inherent intellect and experience; delegates soon realise that, they themselves are a great deal more capable than they had realised. The outcome of this is the continued interest in self-development.

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