Distribution, Warehousing and Storage Operations:
Levels 2 & 3

These qualifications allow Candidates to cover the skills required across the distribution and warehousing industry and to specialise in specific key areas of competence. At Level 2 this option extends to the storage and handling of high risk goods and materials. At Level 3, the Course offers the chance to specialise in sophisticated stock storage and distribution systems.

At Level 2, the Candidate must complete 3 mandatory topics (“units”) along with 5 optional ones from a choice of 16. At level 3, the candidate must complete 2 mandatory units along with 6 optional from a choice of 15.

Mandatory Units – Level 2

  • Contribute to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace
  • Contribute to keeping the workplace secure
  • Work effectively in own organisation

Mandatory Units – Level 3

  • Contribute to a secure safe and healthy working environment
  • Develop and maintain productive working relationships