Performing Manufacturing Operations:
Levels 1 & 2

The Performing Manufacturing Operations courses are aimed at those members of a workforce who are involved in practical manufacturing activities on a daily basis. The courses provide successful candidates with internationally recognised qualifications that remain with them, wherever they work.

Employer benefits:

  • Safety – The courses improve awareness and understanding of good practices, leading to safer, more effective production and workforce.
  • Effective working – By enabling the workforce to readdress the requirements of their work procedures, the PMO courses generate good practice and adherance to Company operational instructions.
  • Operational improvements – By inviting candidates to suggest ideas for improvements, the courses generate invaluable, practical ideas from people best placed to see the opportunities available.
  • Identification of training requirements – Involvement on the courses will enable management to identify further training needs throughout the production staff.
  • Ongoing assessment and performance levels – The PMO courses serve as an induction programme that ensures new employees are to the Company’s required level of knowledge and ability regarding its procedures and processes.

The courses concentrate on the current work activities of the candidates. This refreshes their awareness and creates an opportunity to consider and discuss their roles and activities. Specifically, the courses include a strong section on health and safety practices and responsibilities.