Technical Services:
Levels 2 & 3

These qualifications are designed for those already working in any one of a number of roles within the engineering field. The focus of the course is on technical engineering specification, design and planning.

The course comprises of a workplace based programme covering the candidate’s own work operations. The programme may include one or more, 2 hour workshops, depending on the candidate’s current level of knowledge.

It is recommended that candidates complete level 2 before addressing the level 3 programme. This is because many of the fundamentals of the courses are fully covered at the lower level, to ensure that a good knowledge base is taken forward to the higher qualification.

Course Topics to be covered at both levels are:

  • Determine requirements to achieve engineering objectives
  • Contribute to the effectiveness of work activities

Plus: For Level 2 only

  • One additional topic selected from 2 groups covering:
  1. Basic subjects specific to level 2 only, from providing drawings to conducting specified tests and
  2. Topics common to both levels, covering technical specifications and plans to controlling and monitoring resources

Or: for Level 3 only

Coordinate activities with others plus

2 Optional Units to be selected as appropriate for the Candidate, with only ONE to be selected from group B above, the other from a range of topics specific to Level 3, ranging from design requirements through to dismantling plant under complex conditions.