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Strategy, everyone is talking about it, not every organisation has one. How important is it to have one? This is the question we get asked. Many smaller companies have no strategic intent written down, is it surprising so many are struggling out there; to stay in business, to compete. Yet you’ll be told “we have a strategy.” Is it gathering dust, on the shelf?

So, what is the meaning of Strategy, put simply;

Strategy is the Direction and Scope of an organisation over the Long Term which achieves Advantages for the organisation through its configuration of Resources within a changing Environment, to meet the needs of the Markets and to fulfil Stakeholder expectations.

In its essence, strategy is the interface – the meeting point – where the external forces of the competitive environment interact with the internal competences and aspirations of the business. It resists and takes advantage of external events; and it directs the actions of the business to achieve a vision of future success This means that strategy tries to do several things, simultaneously:-

  • It attempts to hold and integrate a mass of knowledge and belief about the business and the outside world
  • It attempts to understand the complex dynamics of the many variables which are involved, and thereby to forecast the consequences of actions and inactions
  • It attempts to assess the sensitivity of the whole system to actions or inactions by individual parts it attempts to set priorities and timings in the use of limited resources
  • It attempts to decide when to take benefits now; and when to forego them for potentially greater benefits in the future

Strategies are not cast in stone. We live in a discontinuous world therefore once you have your strategy for the next five years, you should review it at least four times a year with your directors and senior managers.

We believe we have a unique range of methods to achieve a sustainable and winning Strategy for your company.

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