The Strategy Specialists

Before you commence the devising of your company strategy, let’s make sure all of your directors and senior managers are fully in-tune with each other, let’s be sure we are a team with a single focus of achieving, what is vitally important to the organisation, an effective five year strategy.

On the first half of day one, you and your team are away for two days preferably a weekend, time is spent outside undertaking Exec-TeamBuilding®. You can be assured they’ll enjoy the session and be ready for the hard work which follows. Have a look at our gallery of photos and if you have time look at the videos, they’ll give you a good insight to the types of activities our Outdoor specialist will put the team through.

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There’ll be a buzz now. After a light lunch your team is ready, cohesive and willing to devise the most effective Strategy.

The process of developing an effective Strategy is as follows:-

  1. Step 1. Understand those external factors that affect your business which you have little control over. We call this a Contextual Map. There are 7 factors which affect you company. These are identified and understood.
  2. Step 2. Good old SWOT everyone’s favourite. However, as facilitators we bring all of our experience to assist you to really identify those factors which impact both internally and externally.
  3. Step 3. Which of those products or services you are offering are rising or on the wane? With our Portfolio Matrix, you’ll know soon enough.
  4. Step 4. It is unlikely you have undertaken Scenario Planning, like most businesses, but now here is your chance. It is powerful stuff, trying to identify those situations which you have not even imagined may effect your business in the future. When you have, you can be proactive in your response. A definition follows:- “An outline of a natural or expected course of events.” or Understanding the future Now!
  5. Step 5. 5 Bold Steps is your next task. These 5 Bold Steps will help you to define those projects you must complete to be successful during the next five years. We’ll make sure that you have prioritised them Don’t worry about when, that’ll come next.
  6. Step 6. So, what’s your Gameplan for the next five years? Now you’ll be agreeing the dates for those 5 Bold Steps. What are Challenges you have identified for the next period? What are your Success Factors, those things you must achieve to have results on your 5 Bold Steps. What’s the Financial Target you are setting yourselves? A lot of questions, but you going to answer them. Now you know where you are going, no more getting lost.
  7. Step 7. How about that vision statement. You and your team will develop a PowerVision, identifying the Values and Principles, Mission and your KPI’s. You’ll live by this statement and all of you will sign it off.

Just to make things even more interesting and subject to the numbers of senior managers attending, around 12 to 14 is a good number, we will separate you into syndicate teams, one of which we’ll call the “The Third Division”. They’ll look outside of the box, no holds barred creativity. Very exciting and highly effective.

Anyone who says “can’t do that” will receive a Yellow Card the first time round. The second time they say “Can’t do that” they receive a Red Card and have to buy everyone a round of drinks during the evening dinner.

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