Health & Safety

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The Health and Safety of all of your employees is vital.

Complying with the legislation is a daunting task for any Company.

Our specialist is thoroughly trained and highly experienced she has received many an accolade from the authorities including the Health & Safety Executive.

So, if you are wanting professional advise, look no further. The following are the essentials needed by your Company. If you need assistance then click here.

The Legal Requirement

  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Training of employees in relevant health and safety matters
  • Training of designated person(s) in order to achieve “competency”

The Insurer’s Requirement

  • Evidence that a Company is managing health and safety well, in order to minimise liability

The Employer’s Commitment

When you employ people you enter into a “Duty of Care” towards those employees, which establishes not only a legal but also a “moral” responsibility. This can mean going beyond the minimum legal requirement. Do you fully understood what these requirements mean?

How we can help

  1. We can “manage” your health and safety on your behalf with the help of internal designated persons.
  2. We can “mentor” designated persons within the company to manage H&S
  3. We can train managers and employees
  4. We can offer formal qualifications in H&S e.g. “Managing Safely” IOSH Certificate
  5. We can develop H&S Policy and carry out risk assessments
  6. We can set up H&S management systems and procedures
  7. We can ensure legal compliance and the Insurer’s approval