The Lean Manufacturing Practitioners

If you are a manufacturer, then implementing Lean Manufacturing in your Company is a vital and necessary strategy to win more customers and remain as competitive as possible. The Lean Manufacturing approach is the way forward.

Let us paint a scenario. Customers are squeezing your profit margins, they want a 5% reduction year on year, competitors are marching a steal in your market sector, customers further demand Track Side delivery on time every time, JIT is the expression used. The Tiger Nations highly competitive pricing structure is having a major impact on your sales, the threat is for your customers to place all of their orders through these Nations. The absence of Lean Manufacturing is inhibiting growth and future success. Does any of this bare resemblance to your company’s situation?

So, if you are in any doubt about the worth and effectiveness of Lean manufacturing principles you have heard about but have not yet implemented, give us a call now and we’ll discuss the Lean Manufacturing Tools & Techniques including; Kaizen, The 5S’s, Kanban, Cell Teams, Quick Changeover, Shop-floor layout, Takt Times and Line-Balancing, Value Stream Analysis, your company’s Strategy and so much more.

Who knows, we may even be able to get funding to support your company’s Lean Manufacturing initiative.

We hope you’ll stay a while on our site and have a look at the team building videos, the Lean Manufacturing support documents you can freely download and the Lean Manufacturing FAQ section which may well answer some of your questions.

If you want to know how do we go about implementing Lean Tools & Techniques into a business, please click here.

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