Case Study 1

Reviewing New Machine Shop Location

From Left to Right: Roger Edmonds, Nick Bradshaw, Alan Wilkinson, Veejay Kumar, Cyril Edmunds, Rav Kalea, Alan Winmill.

Bilston Engineering Go for Lean

Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Bilston Engineering Ltd have commenced a radical change programme within their business and are already reaping the benefits.

Working with Roger Edmonds of The Transcend Group, a Transformation Improvement Team has been setup, led by their General Manager Nick Bradshaw. The team consists of a total of 6 employees including operators, supervisors and engineers.

The team are currently planning their projects so they gain maximum benefit from all of the hard work and effort. They have undertaken a Good Housekeeping campaign, using the 5S audit approach, this alone has identified considerable improvement areas including Goods Inwards, the Machine Shop and Laser.

As Nick Bradshaw stated “Our level of communication has improved with the shop-floor and we are gaining the hearts and minds of our employees. The level of interest throughout the Company is growing and they are keen to know the results of our efforts. They realise we will have a positive effect on their working environment. We will become even more competitive and win new business through the Lean tools & techniques. I am well pleased with the progress to date.”