Understanding the benefits of Team Working, Turning a “probably can do” to a “will do” state, Accepting ownership and responsibility, Strengthening their individual behaviour and personal characteristics to a sustainable and effective mind-set, Re-adjusting their self-belief from a reactive to a proactive problem solving individual and enhancing their natural creativity, Increasing the effectiveness of their communication and presentational skill set. Enhancing their individual self-belief.

Outdoor Team Building

Its from here you can see how far our customers will go. We’ll change their paradigm and challenge their self belief. Whoever you are, whatever you are you’ll change for the positive. Taking you beyond what you think are your capabilities, you wont believe what you have achieved until you have completed the tasks and then, you’ll believe “I am capable”.

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Rock & Roll

Steady Now!

My goodness, am I really doing this. I am! I have never undertaken such tasks before. Transcend gave me the motivation and self-belief of something I did not believe in myself. “I can do”.



We worked together in away I did not think possible. We thought, we discussed, we were creative in our approach. Never before had we produced a flying machine, and in under two hours. Wow, to watch it glide away some hundred feet in the air. It was amazing, very satisfying. We had achieved!

Can I?

Shifting the Paradigm

I was strapped up, given good instruction of what to do. Norman, in his authoritative voice, said “lean back, don’t look down, look at me”. I did as I was instructed. Never have I been so unsure. However, I trusted him. I walked backwards, further still until I meet the rock edge. I was now abseiling down a rock face. Unbelievable. Thank you Transcend, I did it. My confidence and self-belief are beyond my expectations.

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