Free information on Lean Manufacturing

It is from here you may download, save or print the documents which are in pdf. We believe you will find these to be very helpful in your Lean Manufacturing endeavours.

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QCD&R – The Best Measures (KPI’s)

These Key Performance Indices are well trusted and used by World Class companies. When completed, don’t forget to develop your Target Values, they will provide a range of measures which will keep you focused and identify whether or not improvement is progressing well.

The 5 Whys – A Problem Solving Technique

Ever tried to get to the Root Cause of a Problem? Well try this trusted and effective method. Just ask ‘Why’ 5 times.

The 5S – Safe, Clean & Ordered Working Environment

If you would like some information on the 5S system, then look no further. If you click the PDF folder you will get a good insight into the methodology and benefits of implementing this excellent system. If you do nothing else on the shop-floor or your offices, you simply must implement the 5S system.

Blue Sky Planning – The Future is Here

So many SME’s have no idea as to their medium to long term future. With Blue Sky planning approach, there is no excuse.

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