“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance”. This often quoted phrase demonstrates how important training is, and if you didn’t already know this, you wouldn’t be reading this catalogue of training products, would you? Training is an important investment in the future of your people and your Company, and these days any investment must yield a return. Investment in training is no different, so it is important that you make the right decisions regarding your training provider.

There is more to training than telling people that they need to do things differently. A training provider must be more than someone who can tell your employees about tools and techniques, or even the latest in management thinking. Your training provider must be someone who can get ideas and concepts across powerfully and clearly, and someone who is able to motivate your employees to use them to achieve even greater levels of performance.

Such abilities come partly from many years of experience actually using the ideas and concepts, and partly from a desire to see others grow their own abilities, and through this to see client companies improve performance beyond what would otherwise be possible.

All TGL consultants have had many years experience in managing people and using the techniques which we train others in, we are not full time trainers, but practitioners. But do not think that “practitioner” means that our training abilities are in any way limited. As practitioners we earn our living from identifying, and helping clients achieve, performance improvement. As part of this process, we are directly involved in helping people to understand new techniques, and helping them to use them. Because of this, we can bring to bear a range of practical experiences which others cannot.

All the programmes listed in this brochure have been derived from requests from customers to help them improve performance, all of them have been tried and tested as part of actual improvement exercises, we do not provide public training programmes.

If you are interested in improving your Company’s performance, we hope that you will be interested in using TGL in house development programmes. Please refer to the booking programmes section for information on how to book any of the programmes listed. If you do not see exactly what you want in the brochure, but know that you need help of some description, please call us, after all, that’s where we came in….

Roger G. Edmonds
Managing Director

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