Course No. ML21

Course Introduction

Appraisal is a two-way discussion between a manager and a member of his or her staff. It is an opportunity to talk about things that went well in the past, and to decide how to get more of them. Also it is a chance to look at what went wrong and decide how things could be done better in the future. Far too many managers treat appraisal as a chore, when in fact these one-to-one discussions can help motivate employees to new levels of performance. This course shows how.

Course Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of what appraisal is
  • To develop confidence and ability to handle difficult situations in appraisals
  • To understand how to set SMART objectives and identify training needs
  • To enable participants to use the process as a motivational tool

Target Audience

Personnel who are new to first line supervision in a manufacturing environment. Personnel who are acting in a supporting role to manufacturing management, or those who are likely to be promoted into such a role.