Course No. OM10

Course Introduction

Dr Genichi Taguchi has developed a philosophy and a set of techniques for improving quality using so called off line methods. The philosophy describes why zero defects alone is not good enough, and redefines the goal as never ending reduction in variation. The off line techniques are methods for designing experiments which will solve complex problems, for example finding out the best operating conditions for equipment with many process variables. These methods are also of use to designers in order to produce more robust designs, which are resilient to process and customer abuse. This course includes a practical experiment to enable participants to apply the techniques learnt.

Course Objectives

  • To provide trainees with an understanding of the Taguchi philosophy
  • To equip trainees with an understanding of the Taguchi methods for experimental design

Target Audience

Target Audience Any personnel who are involved with maintaining and setting complex equipment.

Manufacturing Engineers, Designers.