Course No. SS09

Course Introduction

The application of best practice in telemarketing is becoming increasingly important with the burgeoning trend towards distance selling and centralised customer service. Whether the customer and prospect interaction is carried out by a major call centre of hundreds or a couple of staff in the head office, this course will set out the principles of effective telemarketing and teleselling. The course will provide delegates with the tools to understand and service customer needs better and build sales as a result.

Course Objectives

The course sets out to introduce delegates to the different types of call in the telemarketing mix, and the various objectives they should set themselves for those calls. They will be taken through a structure for preparing, executing and following up calls to maximise their effectiveness and meet objectives. At the end of the course delegates will be better equipped to recognise and satisfy customer needs, increase sales and manage themselves and their customer base more efficiently.

Target Audience

Any organisation needing to develop prospects, satisfy customers, and build sales on the phone.