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Course No. OM06

Course Introduction

What is on the shop-floor is reflected above the shop-floor.  Good housekeeping, disciplined, organisational structure  and safety are brought about with the 5S’s.

More space will be identified when the Red Tag exercise is undertaken.  Communication will be improved amongst the shop-floor operators and their Supervisors.  The shop-floor will become far more visible.  Standards will become established which will provide the impetus for Sustainability of the 5S system.

Now used as the start point of Total Productive Maintenance System for shop-floor housekeeping and general plant maintenance.  A full TPM programme is available at additional costs.

Course Objectives

  • To develop a practical understanding of the 5S’s
  • To determine how to introduce the 5S system
  • Use 5S documentation
  • Undertake the Red Tag for sorting the necessary from the unnecessary
  • Understand 5S Auditing
  • Practical Auditing exercise
  • Review the 5S Matrix

Target Audience

  • All personnel who are involved with implementing the 5S’s.
  • Quality department personnel
  • Trainers
  • Facilitators


  • Seiri – Sort through and sort out
  • Seiton – Set things in order
  • Seiso – Shine equipment, tools and the whole workplace
  • Seiketsu – Standardising what we have started
  • Shitsuke – Stick to the rules and sustain what we have started
  • Red Tag – Sorting the Necessary from the Unnecessary
  • Auditing – Measure the Current State
  • 5S Matrix – Future Auditing


2 days.

Each delegate is provided with a comprehensive manual.

This includes the Red Tagging activity.