Course No. OM05

TOPS G8D Problem Solving

Present a disciplined approach to problem solving through TOPS (Team Oriented Problem Solving) and The G8Ds (8 Disciplines).

� Reviewing the stages of development of a Team

� Review the effectiveness of Team communication

� Team Leader and Scribe confirmed

� Agree individual Team member’s roles and responsibilities.

� Agree the Goals of the Team

Commencing immediately after the Team building session the following will be presented to the Team members:


1. Problem Description

2. Problem Solving Worksheet (Is / Is not)

3. Pareto

4. Problem Prevention Worksheet

5. Flowcharting

6. Checksheet

7. Ishikawa Diagram

8. 11 Step Cause & Effect Methodology


1. An overview of the 8Ds approach will be presented

2. The Osborne Open Brainstorming technique

3. Five Whys

The delegates will identify a live problem and evaluate the seriousness of that problem in terms of quantity and value. They will use the range of tools and techniques presented.