Course No. SS04

Course Introduction

The art of selling has, in recent years, become increasingly skilled and sophisticated. Phrases like gift-of-the-gab and a born salesman have no place in today’s professional selling. Salespeople (the profession is no longer dominated by men) today are not born into it. They are trained into it. They understand how much easier life is for them and their customers when the sale becomes the inevitable conclusion to sincere efforts to discover a prospective buyer’s needs and wants.

Course Objectives

Participants will practice each stage of the scientific approach to making sales, using exercises and case-studies, which are designed to assist participants, relating the theory to the reality of their real-world. Facilitated by practising salesperson, and includes demonstrations of good practice. Course leads to the development of individual Action Plans.

Target Audience

New and experienced salespeople (different versions available). Managers who need to sell ideas upwards and downwards.